Thursday, July 25, 2013

Southport to Brisbane. South Stradbroke.

Queensland: Glad to be leaving Southport, Sea World and Surfers Paradise. As sailors we enjoy the simpler beauties of the sea and the gentle motion of having the sails full. Bloody Jet Skiers! Too many, too much noise, too much speed and too much wake and rocking.

Good bye "Porpoise Spit" ( Murial's wedding).
We chose to travel up the broad-water, via the channel behind South Stradbroke Island. Multiple-million dollar houses packed onto the shores edge.

Probably the most tasteful mansion on this stretch of water.

We really had to choose our course carefully. This is a maze of channel markers and depth soundings. We consulted "Beacon to Beacon" as well as the chart plotter on the iPad. The binoculars stayed attached to my face. Despite all of the Queensland hustle and bustle we came into the national park area very quickly.

Just a sample.

Away from the glittering money of Southport we again began to see an interesting array vessels. Some were certainly a tribute to human ingenuity. Several chaotic structures were hybrids of caravans attached to pontoons and fibreglassed together by overly ambitious sea farers.

A James Hardy " HARDY PLANK" house boat.

We needed to pass under overhead high voltage electric wires. Glenn couldn't look, and let go of the helm. I watched in fascination at the seemingly large gap between life and electrocution. (That's one phobia that I have been spared).

Looking surreal in the morning sun.

We anchored at the northern end of South Stradbroke Island, it's 2.5kms wide and 21kms long, lying close to the mainland. It felt very remote, the water was clear and we saw the the Agile Wallaby, as well as the much rarer Golden Wallaby.

Couldn't get close enough for a good photo.

We were able to watch the sun set and also the sun rise without moving to another position.

Pink and gold sand reflecting the low winter sunset.

Sea Trek III lazing in the afternoon sun.
We continued north to pass North Stradbroke Island to the east and into Morton Bay (with Brisbane beyond). We had no idea of the enormity of this body of water. The chart says that we are surrounded by land. The winds picked up and we have a fabulous lively sail under head sail alone. We are not missing the NSW sea swell at all.

North Stradbroke or Morton Island are over there somewhere.

We are in a marina at Manly for a few days while sorting out essentials: groceries and washing, fuel and water and twice daily hot showers. (and why not, it costs no extra). This popular marina area has approx. 2,000 yachts/boats all tied up in a compact and orderly fashion.

Camera not big enough to fit in all of the yachts.
This is tourism: cute and disturbingly ugly.
Tomorrow off to Morton Island, Sunday Mooloolaba.
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