Monday, September 23, 2013

Whitsundays: Turtle Bay,

We ventured around a headland of Hamilton Island to be unexpectedly greeted by high rise tourist resorts. Sea Trek III made a hasty retreat. We only needed to sail a little further north east to settle in Turtle Bay on the southern side of Whitsunday Island. Out and about on the shoreline again for explorations.

Oh what a site.
Turtle Bay.
Jen takes lots of photos and enjoys editing the results in the evenings. We have no TV viewing, because we have no time! This photo was thought to be of a tree trunk, but on closer examination she is not so sure. Is it a huge bone that has been dragged onto the shore?

What is this: it's large.

Out exploring in the dinghy and couldn't believe how picture perfect these boys were. That's the very imposing Pentecost Island in the background.

Red, yellow and blue.

Great excitement: Turtle tracks up into the sand dunes. In the water they occasionally pop their heads up as if to look around. That's just a second or two of viewing. We did see a moss covered shell descending.

Tracks: ? Goanna visiting the beach.


More to follow...


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