Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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Introducing Sea Trek III

Jen and I are about to embark on another sailing journey on our new yacht Sea Trek III, a Savage 46 commonly known as an Oceanic 46. This this time we are heading north to the tropics, in other words a left turn out of Sydney Harbour, I'll double check that with Jen, as last time we went north we ended up landing in Hobart, perhaps I installed the chart-plotter upside down!

Jack Savage Oceanic Yachts Melbourne.

Renowned Port Phillip Bay boat builder Jack Savage designed & built the Savage 46 for his own cruising and club racing…..The result, a robust performance cruiser proven by multitudes of successful ocean cruises.

The protected centre cockpit not only gives reassurance at sea but also gives the ultimate cruising layout below featuring a large private owners aft cabin with ‘ensuite’ enclosed toilet.

There were 53 x 42 ft and 16 x 46 ft Oceanic hulls built (now that shows the popularity back in the 80’s and early 90’s) and we know of several Oceanic's that have completed circumnavigations. Sea Trek III built in 1987 has completed trips to PNG, Louisiades and Solomon Islands. ( both dream destinations for both Jen & I)

All the cruising must – haves are ticked……centre cockpit, hard dodger, 2 x private cabins and bathrooms, L-shaped galley, full nav station, full access diesel, and Jen's favourite a workshop! Huge 8 – 10 person dinette for the ‘sundowners’, jam sessions, one night has seen 13 people in the salon including a wide assortment of musical instruments.

Jen and I flew to Brisbane in December 2011 to inspect Sea Trek III, I fell in love with her at 1st sight, Jen took a little more convincing! To cut a long story short, the negotiations were undertaken followed by a sucessful survey, Sea Trek III (I wonder if I just type ST3 in future?) was ours. Next problem, how do I get a 46 ft yacht from Brisbane to Sydney? Mates that's how! Dumb mates at that......

Then began the longest delivery trip in history from Brisbane to Sydney. Maybe in the back of my mind I knew it was destined to take an eternity, as I quit my job to bring her back. I won't go into the nitty gritty of the trip here, thats a story to save for grandchildren. Needless to say the weather gods played havoc, and there were lenghty stays in both Coffs Harbour and Camden Haven. We finally arrived in Sydney 6 weeks after the Brisbane departure.

This video just about sums the whole trip in a minute or two.

Now I never did thank you my delivery crew of Skippers all 5 of you! Alan, Bruce, Dave, John and Johnny. Thinking back on the trip I don't think I'll thank you now, maybe later............


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