Saturday, May 11, 2013

Work, work, work it's not over yet!

Final boat jobs and maintenance.

The weekend is here, and the countdown is on for our departure. We were to leave on the weekend of the 25th May, but I have been asked to work an extra week! So departure has been put back until the 1st week of June. I guess that it won't matter, as the plan is to be in Cairns by mid to late September, we can head off to the Louisiade Archipelago (but really there is no plan) Our whole philosophy is not to rush and enjoy our slow boat to China, its not the destination but the journey that counts (no were not going to China). So Jen please stop me if I start imposing deadlines on myself.

This morning I awoke with renewed enthusiasm for the boat jobs that have to be completed before we leave. 1st up I set the the revitalised staysail to make sure it was all good, next Jen measured said sail for a new "turtle bag"( a bag for the staysail,so its on the deck ready for deployment at anytime. Jen worked hard all day measuring, cutting, sewing, remeasuring, cutting and sewing etc:

Jen proudly fits the new sail bag, and as you can see the result speaks for itself! I think its the best sail bag I've ever seen, Jen is a genius with the scissors and sewing machine. Now not to be outdone, I bravely took on my least favourite job! Greasing the winches, now you dirt dwellers might not think that's such a challenge, but any seasoned sea salty will tell you it takes a lot of courage and patience to disassemble a winch, the easy part! Its putting it back together again is when it becomes quite confusing. Jen says it's the mariners Rubic Cube. Now those that know me well, understand my limitations with all things mechanical. So here is a picture of the winch, before I got to it!

Looks nice doesn't it! I'll let you guess what the following picture is...................................................

If anyone has a Barlow Winch maintenance manual, can you email it to me? I will need it before the 1st week in June. I sent this pic to a helpful irish mate, now he wondered where the paint brush fitted. Stick to irish BBQ's Dave.

Mothers Day tomorrow, so family day for us and a day off from boat jobs.

Happy Mothers Day!


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