Sunday, August 18, 2013

Not all smooth sailing. Bundaberg Blues!

A week in Bundaberg: not planned, not expected and not really appreciated.!

I guess that it had to happen. We have experienced dramatic highs in the last few months. Last week end was especially amazing with our unforgettable encounters with the humpback whales at Rooneys Point. During this past week all things nautical have came to a halt. We are in Bundaberg and waiting. For this entire week we have been stuck in the marina waiting for a new anchor winch motor. "We are not going cruising unless this is fixed." I have said.

Outside of the well manicured marina grounds it is flat dry land. It is so flat that Jen thought it may have been an extension of the airport because she noticed it being mowed. But no, it is just neat flat dirt, and it is extensive. Somehow some small biting things managed to attack her low legs on the first evening here and a week later there are still approx. 40 small blisters annoying her.

We took the bus to the town. Neither of us were impressed but for differing reasons. Jen does not like dry country towns that do not offer ice cream shops in convenient and obvious places.

No surf and no waves here.

People who sail come from many walks of life. Being out on the water forms a camaraderie that is lacking on land. While here we've caught up with old and new friends.

Graeme, Sue and their son Jamie of SV Symphony (and CCCA members ) were resting up here on their way to Cairns join the Louisiades Rally that is leaving in a few weeks. We shared their excitement and asked heaps of questions. Next year we will be travelling up that way as well.

During our time at the Woolwich Marina we met Cheryl and Mike of SV Gidgee. Our plans were somehow always out of step with theirs. Despite their whirl wind sail up the coast ahead of us and their recent return flight to Sydney we opened our eyes this morning to see Gidgee on the next finger! Perhaps this is a good omen.

"Up the road" with friends.
There is a certain 'something' about country clubs. The weekly raffle night is irresistible. I don't use poker machines or gamble but I am a total push-overwhen it comes to the boisterous ticket sellers of 'club supported' charities. Tonight's charity was the SES of Bundaberg. I bought 100 tickets...and guess what we are having for breakfast lunch and dinner for the next few days: CHICKEN!
Lucky Love Locks wins again.
Jen was not impressed to see the following sign on the clubs toilet door. A feminist at heart she came back from a visit and was furious. She wanted to complain to someone about both the picture and the title. She also tells me that she will not be eating chicken giblets for breakfast. I think that Bundaberg does not suit her.

"This is not funny" says Jen.

We went to the Bundaberg Rum factory. We are a DRY boat now and have given our health a rest. However we did fancy this liqueur because it is coffee and chocolate flavoured. It is hidden away for use on special occasion. Jen wants it as a topping for her ice cream! (We finally have a working freezer now.)

So tasty.

Jen has been bored and wanting to paint some bulkheads (walls) white. I'm not convinced of the need. I like the timber look. A morning bus trip to Bundy produced this decorating wonder. Favourite photos of the trip so far now grace the main timber expanse. The photos are colour coordinated with the cushions she made some months ago. It's a birthday treat for me. The candles are fake and remote controlled. ( Flames are dangerous on yachts, because of the potential build up of gasses). I think that she is clever.

Our saloon.

Monday morning the anchor motor saga continues,TNT how hard is it to loose a package between Brisbane and Bundaberg!!!



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