Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Whale pulled my chain...

Jen and I are in agreement that Rooney Point is the best anchorage we have been in since leaving Sydney 10 weeks ago. We were lucky with the weather as well, but even so it's certainly a beautiful place.

Jen taking a shot with the sextant @ Rooney Point.

The whales love this place as well. There were so many whales around it was unbelievable. As Jen has mentioned in a previous blog said it was hard to sleep with the continual vocalisations of whales.

One of the many giants passing by.

Following this entry is the video of the whales swimming around and under Sea Trek III. It was an amazing experience and it concludes abruptly with the turbulence created when one of the whales snagged the anchor chain. The whale dragged the boat dislodging the anchor and pulling the snubber line off. It frightened all of us and the whales quickly swam away. We were upset to think that we may have injured the offending whale.


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