Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Continuing: Airlie Beach

The Arlie Beach experience: Abell Point marina.

What is it that makes this a place unique for us? I guess it's the way people do things: the fun events that bring people together. Back packers set the tone for "holiday-party time". The marina is over run each morning and evening with excited people getting on and off all sorts of vessels. If you haven't visited the Great Barrier Reef book yourself a holiday: there's plenty of ways to enjoy this stunning region.

A singing crowd return from the reef.
The opposition crowd.
The 'cautious crowd' leaving in style to the outer reef for a full day experience.

Everyone seems determined to enjoy the weather before the big wet of summer begins. Lots of families with active kids hiring yachts of a week or two.
Our walks along the Bi-centennial Board walk found us discovering many unexpected sites.
Stand Up Paddleboarding, with the Sit Down option..

Three of a kind?
What else would you do with a dried palm frond?
"The eagle has landed". Outrigger.

Still waiting to be claimed after the latest cyclone.

Gecko flavoured ice cream.

Dreamers of the perfect 'Drumbeat'.

A Figbird, with a prize berry.
Super colour in the tropics.

The 10,000 step, 1988 boardwalk.

Fish and chips had, $10 "all you can eat Chilli" digested, provisioning attended, (vacuumed and stowed), washing clean and dry, internet used, phone calls to family, water tanks full and fuel topped up and we are out in the islands again. This will be our last chance to visit the northern bays when the wind turns to SE. Then ST3 will be bow first heading south for the next chapter in our adventures.




  1. Love to comment but Iam lost for words.Send some of your stuff into C/Helmsman/woman Doug and Sue Knee Deep goes in tomorrow
    Cheers Wally

  2. Capt Wally, not often your stuck for words...........


  3. Hi guys, enjoying following your trip, one thing I would like is a critique of the anchorages you have been in. The best, the worst kinda thing, where you would have liked to have spent more time.


  4. Thanks for that, it's a great idea! I'll put it together over the next week or so.