Friday, October 25, 2013

Hunter Island: any treasure here?

By Jen at Hunter Island: the Duke Islands group.

We were both getting a bit "stir-crazy" onboard of Sea Trek III and perhaps this was because of boredom. We were not sailing (again) because the weather had conspired to keep us at Hunter Island for four nights. No phone access, internet or outside news and no progress south.

We were reading lots of books. Glenn thought that the Duke Islands were a bit "Scottish" because of the sea, steep hills and farm connection. His reading of Treasure Island, and Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stephenson had cunjoured up images of boyhood games involving shipwrecks and buried treasures. Perhaps we would find treasure while we were here? I agreed with him that we should keep looking for our "travel treasures" as we trudged up different peaks each day to catch the view at the top.

Treasure Island?

I enjoy beach combing, and am always on the lookout for anything unusual. Without many personal possessions on board, found objects become my treasures. I felt that I had really "struck it lucky" when I found a beautiful but crumbling Nautilaus shell. (I had regretted leaving a complete specimen behind on the Thomas Islands recently) This was wonderful to photograph because of its shapes and pearl-o-essence .

A treasure for Jen: Glenn uncertain.

From the top of the barren ridges and headlands we watched large ancient turtles ride the currents through the narrow passage of aqua waters between Marble and Hunter Islands. I could see them pop up their heads but organizing the camera meant that I was repeatedly too slow for a successful photo. Weirdly Glenn had become a Turtle attracting devise: he could spot them as they surfaced, and then they would dive below when I appeared. I just wanted a photo of one of these gentle guys. I have been trying for months. In frustration Glenn took the camera and guess what: within seconds a face appeared and Bingo: a photo! Another treasure for me.

To tell the truth I was a bit peeved that Glenn was always spotting turtles before me. However he doesn't understand animals as much as I do, and can be confused by their movements. "What's happening over here?" he called out at 6 am. We were raising the anchor. There was a lot of splashing of flippers nearby. "I think a big turtle might be scratching", he concluded. I looked over towards the shore and smiled to myself. "No not scratching Glenn, mating!". "Oh, really?" he replied. He did seem a perplexed, as if he was wondering why they would bother.
Turtles mating, not scratching.
Glenn likes to cook and he said that these Donuts would be a real treasure. Yummy: yes, gone by the evening: yes. But I was getting tired of this theme....the blog needed to be written.


Totally delicious: Gertie would be proud.

By now I felt a little mischievous. I was not going to be out done by "Glenn the Turtle Whisperer" and marvelous cook. He was just getting a bit too big for his own hat. He had suggested the theme for this blog: "Treasure Island" but could get no further with the creative writing. Hmmm I thought. And so I presented him with this Pirate Bootie.

Valuable hair.

And that brings me to the unexpected thread that readers have picked up on: The back of Glenn's head. Looking back through the blog since leaving Sydney I must agree that it is a frequent photographic subject. And so as not to hold you in suspense any longer, here it is:


Hope to be more south soon.



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