Sunday, October 27, 2013

The original Savage Oceanic 42' yacht.

A yacht owner takes special pride in their choice of boat. (even more so than with car selection). Many yachties believe that the heyday of yacht building and design was several decades ago. Infact that quality of yacht structure, layup technique and hull strength can not readily be reproduced today due to the extreme cost of materials, labour etc. Many of the best Australian built yachts are over 30 years old now (or more) and still sailing on.

Just by chance we shared the anchorage with the very first Jack Savage Oceanic 42/46 Kinta III. Her present owner Dave has been sailing her for the past 20 years.

I couldn't wait to be asked aboard. Kinta III looks beautiful, shiny white and is so stylish inside. This yacht is a true reflection of the skills and love that Dave has lavished upon her. To put it simply this 1977 yacht is a timeless classic and a real restoration piece.

A 1977 beauty.
Not only did we enjoy admiring Kinta III but Dave turned out to be a collector of some hard-to-find information about Oceanic's history. He told us that Sea Trek III was resprayed in 2005 at Brisbane. He also explained why green was under the present white top coat. Amazingly he had an advert for ST3 when she was for sale and named Harita.! Wow I was impressed. Between us we have page 1 and 2 of the 'blue prints' and Dave has promised to scan copies of review articles from old sailing magazines. We are looking forward to having him as a guest aboard. He solo sails and it was just great to meet such a knowledgable and discerning fellow cruiser.

Advert for Harita: probably 15 years ago.
Referring back to a previous blog I think that in meeting Dave we have found some buried treasure. Anyway there is nothing like another yacht of the same design in the same anchorage to bring out the competitiveness in an owner. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found Glenn over the side giving ST3 a good scrub along the water line. Kinta III certainly doesn't have any growth on her bottom.

The yoga king busy cleaning.

Glenn says, yea right! Everyone knows how much I love YOGA!!!!!


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  1. Please Please if you take a photo of the back of Glens head ask him to remove his hat!! Because its like opening up a Play Boy mag and the centre fold is fully clothed !!!! That really hurts all of his followers.