Monday, November 4, 2013

Hiding from N and S winds: Fraser Island

We returned to Fraser Island in the Great Sandy Straits and to the recommended Kingfisher Resort. The predicted strong winds certainly did hit us, and we listened to the whistling in the rigging. Sea Trek III danced in circles. The anchor was holding fast, but our depths varied from 5 to 18 mtr. We must be in the middle of a deep hole. Our progress to Mooloolaba is slow and steady. We both use various strategies to cope with our sea sickness. No heroics from these cruising sailors.

The ferry to the resort runs several times a day. We anchored well clear of it's wash. Others chose differently.

Ferry lowering the ramp to access the yacht?

We went ashore to find out about the place. The Bravado crew spent several days basking by the pool.

But first the dinghy needed securing. A pylon seemed like a good idea, because the tide was flowing out, and the southerly winds were increasing. The length of the wharf should have rung a few bells of warning in the skippers brain: it was rather long and extended way out into the bay.

" I think this might be a bowline".
A good strong wharf to hold the dinghy in place against the winds.
Fraser Island has a dingo population, and recently there have been attacks because human activities overlap with wild dog habits. I liked the signage on every gate leading to the beach. Was it to keep children safe from drowning, or to keep dingoes away from the water. Curious.

Close the gate, Jen.
Ice cream, and a cool long walk. Simple pleasures that are appreciated. The jetty runs for quite some distance, and the little tram carries tourists and luggage into the tropical convention centre. We thought that perhaps they were being just a tad lazy.
Tram going out to meet the ferry.
At the end of the jetty we befriended a few birds with our kind words. Glenn suspected that they were just waiting for free food. Eventually they became bored with my company.
Hopeful and looking cute.
Dozing whilst waiting for the next handout.
We explored the resort. I found the architecture very interesting, with breeze ways and huge awnings creating a lot of cool external spaces. This resort is not within the Whitsundays, and seems to be doing well. Lots of day trippers, as well as convention attendees. Unfortunately the Sand Bar staff didn't seem interested in serving us, and so we eventually wandered off. I was hoping for a really good coffee.
Customers lost.
Away from the bay and nestled in the forest vegetation we found the convention complex. The cool air from the pools, and the casual planting of indigenous vegetation created an irrestible urge to lounge about.
Glenn locates the comfy armchairs in the foyer.
Lovers and awnings for internal climate control.
The resort is being regenerated by seeds found in the surrounding area. The unexpected contrasting berries were: red from a palm and the Blue Quandong.

Soooo bluuuue.: Quandong.

Nature loving cruisers eventually need to return to the ship.

Have I told you about the differing opinions between the skipper and crew of ST3 on the matter of large dinghy wheels. I have been reassured numerous times that there is absolutely no need for them, and that I will not ever be required to pull or push the keeled dinghy through any sand and mud. And so I haven't and didn't, and I wasn't asked. But just how does the water retreat so fast and so far?

"It's a long way to the ...."

From the Chief Editor: A note to all "melon head admirers"....

Please be aware that as the crew of Sea Trek III sail into cooler southern climates, there will be less photos of the curiously attractive bald head of Glenn due to the relentless "It's cold today" factor.



  1. Another great blog. Love the photos.

  2. Another great blog. Love the photos.

  3. Shirley you must be joking the best blog ever!! without the melon factor!! crimnal.
    Like Penthouse without girls ! Unless you buy couples,which reminds me I must give Glenno back the copies he lent me back in !972.Maybe just get a beenie and slip it off for a quick pic, go on you no you want to!!! and dont call me Shirley