Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Inventing our own entertainment.

The life of a cruising sailor is often exciting with unpredictable weather and crazy sea conditions to add spice to the day. However there are many days of quiet when not much really happens. The challenge is to calm the mind and enjoy the surrounds.

So what has this got to do with the lively crew of Sea Trek III?

Well contunuing on with the theme that closed our previous blog, we found ourselves waiting for the tide to come in. A slight miscalculation in the timing of the lowest point of the tide left the dinghy a long, long, long way from water. An opposing opinion about the same event is that the beach walk was completed far too briskly and quickly. The differing opinions didn't really matter because the end result was the same. The sturdy dinghy was obviously very high and dry. The muscles used in yesterday's recovery event were still very sore. Glenn flopped down on the inflate's cushiony side. I joined him.

We looked at our sandals. They had kept us afloat when walking over the tidal flats, but the sand had turned to mud. Mud is sticky and smelly and can suck up your legs without warning. We had just spoken to another sailing couple parading around in their knee high mud 'boots'.

Pale blue was all the only colour in stock!

He got much worse than this.

So there was not much that we could do. We laughed and sat. Actually we started to notice how really comfortable the freshly inflated tubing was. We decided not to move. The tide would come in eventually and we would float again.

Hiding his face from the paparazzi.

Settling in for the afternoon.

We took off our sandles and positioned our selves on either side of the dinghy. No sudden movements were permitted, because the V shaped bottom would result in the other person being tipped out. We kept ourselves amused with chatter, and watching the ferry come and go. The local fishing locked pretty good as well. I finally realized that Glenn had been silent for some time. He was doing a lot of flicking and splashing of water over his side of the boat. I asked him what was going on. Apparently he was training small fish to come over to him. One was very cheeky, and not at all afraid. I thought that it was intelligent for being so easily trained, however I don't fancy that it will live long if it tries to befriend other humans.

A very clever fishy friend.

People on the wharf stopped and took photos of us sitting happily in our little boat on the mud flats, without any water in sight. I would have done the same. Weirdly we really enjoy ourselves.

Wide Bay Bar shortly...


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