Saturday, November 2, 2013

Good things about Bundy

Faithful readers of this blog may recall that Glenn was never fond of Bundaberg. Our unintended extended stay last time still hits a sour note for him. (the anchor winch motor replacement: part 1) Here we are in Bundy again and enclosed by hostile southerly winds and weather for four days.

What a great name.

We have scored the 'fun berth', ours is closest to the persistent sewage smell, and opposite to the 24 hour fishing trawler fuel docks, ...and the depth sounder reads 0.0 for 3 hours a day!

Good things happen to create balance for the grumpier aspects of life.

It rained a little but that was enough to wash the salt off the decks.

What's that cloud doing?
We met some really friendly cruisers, and enjoyed their company over a couple of days. Fresh scones and cream for morning tea when we visited Colin and Molly onboard SV Celebration. (Carpenter 37 (NZ). Where possible Celebration is draped in vivid pink. She has an extensive sailing history including Melbourne to Osaka yacht race. (5,500nms)

Repeat cruising offenders returning from Shaggers.

Celebration entertains with style.

Also heading south after cruising the Kepples were Laurie and Pam, the crew of SV Pretty Alright. (Adams traditional 36'). Laurie completed the interior fit out of the yacht himself, using quality light coloured timbers....very very nice indeed.

Laurie and Pam smelt the scones too.

Basically we all sat around exchanging ideas about the weather patterns, anchorages and swapping tall stories. A story that will be unsurpassed for some time to come involved the retrieval of a carton of beer,12 bottles of wine and an overturned 3 wheeled trolley from the muddy waters of Able Point Marina. Good story Colin and what a vintage.

But how's this for a blessing: After the usual book swap and rummage in the laundromat I donated more books than I took. A young boy wheeling a trolley delivered a hard bound book to the swap table. I presumed that it would be an educational book because he is home schooled onboard as his family circumnavigates. Disbelief : It was a copy of the expensive and very useful Nigel Calder's "Boat Owner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual". Glenn was astonished and especially interested in chapter 6.

Another treasure found!

We will be leaving for the Great Sandy Straits and the Wide Bay Bar next. Will we ever reach Mooloolaba?

Glenn's head is pictured here thinking about the weather. Very attractive.





  1. A short note to the poor soul who took this head shot.We as loyal blogas do hear by request that in future all head shots must and I repeat MUST be 100% in focus !!! As such a beautifull melon deserves.I remember the old days in the Gong when it had hair.

  2. Sorry for the blurred image, it's very hard to take a decent shot of that shimmering dome!


    1. How sweet [not the band] it is !! Grand Funk Rail Road, Who was Mick Box ? Dazed and confused thats me.Get off the Vertigo Trip ! Mr Bollan.
      All my love the DOME Fettish

    2. I thought it was the weather that you were talking about now I know its his head