Saturday, June 22, 2013

Does anyone have any questions about Port Stephens?

By Glenn

Its our 12th day in Port Stephens so I now know quite a bit about the place and can tell you how entertaining it is. If you have anything you've ever wanted to know about the place ask away. My special subject is Fame Cove!

We are now back in Fame Cove after spending two nights at Soldiers Point Marina, and several nights at other anchorages. We needed to do some laundry, (everything seems damp) and shopping etc: We can highly recommend this marina. The facilities are superior, Eco rated top class, staff are friendly and helpful and we roamed around in the courtesy cars: a red Mercedes!

Ensuite for marina guests.
Meanwhile just outside the Soldier crabs were gathering in huge numbers...
This one was not at all afraid of me
I noticed that Sydney is copping this east coast low that's expected here tonight. Fame Cove will be very protected from the easterly gale that's predicted, but right now it is so still that it feels impending.....
An eerie stillness
Our next port of call is either Foster or Camden Haven and both have sand bars to cross. It's certainly not recommended to cross bars when the swell is greater than 2 metres. Not sure if it was on the news but a yacht was rolled on the Yamba bar on Friday. Two crew members and the dog on board required rescuing. The woman and Doberman dog were thrown into the churning waters and the man was tangled up with the yacht and rolled over three times. The mast was lost. Luckily the crew only received minor injuries and the yacht was insured. We are both very happy to be in a safe port while the turbulent weather is about.
By Jen
A complete change of subject. Now that I have some head space I am doing some catching up. I have finally researched the markings on my special breakfast spoon.
The symbols indicate: Sterling Silver , London, George III is the fourth symbol and the year is indicated by the letter r = 1832 ! My muesli now tastes extra nice, but unfortunately I am missing the complete set. No more dish washer for this one ever.
I wonder what this means: M.I.R. The original owners initials are on the end of the handle on the upper side of the spoon.
We closely follow the amazing blog COASTAL DELIGHTS written by our good friend and culinary genius Gertie. (Photography by David) She has recommended this THERMO COOKING pot to us. It is a pot within an insulated clamped pot. Once the cooking process has begun in the regular way the heavy based saucepan is removed from the stove top and sealed in the outer pot. Then no further heat is required to finish the cooking process. In 6 hours dinner is ready to eat. Tonight we are trying the Jen and Glenn Love Stew with sailing variations: (just using the ingredients that we have aboard). I am sure that after long day sailing passages this Therm Cooker will be a blessing for us. Neither of us want to cook after an exhausting day, but both of us want to eat and then sleep. Interestingly it will also keep food items frozen if needed. I can seen that it will be very useful for the cruising life but Glenn it not convinced, yet.
The Aldi Thermo Cooker

We have just witnessed a remarkable activity by four species of birds. ( no specific photos because we were spell bound) . Four Pelicans were paddling along the shore in formation. Small darting Little Pied Cormorants were behind and fishing below the surface by bobbing up and down. Scooping and skimming all around were larger Black Cormorants and darting in and out of the cohesive flock were diving Herons. The entire group just moved past like a street parade and continued onwards into the next bay.

No need to post where we are, but here it is anyway.


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