Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Newcastle to Port Stephens

One of those memorable days.

After spending four relaxing nights in Newcastle marina, we decided that it was time to continue heading north and set off for Port Stephens. Newcastle is such a changed city. Its hard to believe the transformation, especially if you remember what it was like when the steelworks were here.

Sky Aquarium Newcastle Marina

The forecast was for a light westerly early on then dropping out later in the day. We decided to chance it and go. We hoped that the westerly would carry us all the way. Newcastle Harbour is one of the worlds busiest coal ports. It was all very interesting when we encountered this beast when we were leaving.

Sail giving way to power

When these vessels are fully laden they only have 1.5 metres under their keel in this harbour channel. Recreational vessels like Sea Trek III must give way. No argument from me on that one.

Now thats a rudder.

We had a great sail for about 2.5 hours. When the wind stopped we motored the rest of the way. Once again there was no seasickness onboard. Jen tried out her wrist bands with varying success. I had some great help from a sailing forum about lashing the dinghy to stop it swaying on the davitts.

Jen happy with the dinghy lashings

We saw so many whales on the way to Port Stephens but unfortunately they were too far away to get a decent photo. The two that popped up in front of us were as shocked as we were and dived away as quick as they had surfaced. The dolphins were different. Here's a video that Jen took while she sang to them from the bow.

Dolphin Video.

Almost at Port Stephens

Such still water in greeted us at Port Stephens.

At Anchor: "moon in the water" : a most restful night.

That was yesterday. Today it's been raining. I continually study the weather and wonder how bad this low pressure system is going to be.

Where we are today.?