Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Port Stephens once your in it won't let you out!

Here we are again still in Port Stephens and looking at the weather. It will be at least another week before we get a chance to leave and that's if the weather plays fair. The time flies when you'r having fun. I guess another week won't hurt. Have a look at Seabreeze's forecast for the next week. It's not the wind but the swell size that is a sailors worry. We wanted to stop at Camden Haven and that requires crossing a bar, dangerous in swells over 2 metres.

Its not all sipping tequila and soaking up the sun. It's bloody cold today and raining to boot. We are going in to the Soldiers Point Marina for a couple of days tomorrow, for a bit of luxury and shopping! ( Shower and laundry). They have a courtesy car that we can drive. We haven't been to the shops for over a week now and are starting to run low on supplies.

Our anchorage this morning.

Perfect weather for ducks. (Jen where is Luvaduck?)

We had a great sail around the Port yesterday in 20knot + winds with nice blue sky. That was fun, putting Sea Trek III through her paces and she seems to revel in the windy conditions.


I've been playing lots of music and practising both guitar and uke. I find I prefer to play old classics from the 20's and 30's on the uke, such as "Ain't she sweet", "Has anybody seen my girl", "Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" etc: These old tunes and their great chord progressions seem to lend themselves to the uke, and are great fun to play. Plus I annoy Jen by singing them doing my best Al Jolson impersonation. I tend to enjoy playing more contemporary songs on the guitar, although its great playing "Losing My Religion" on the uke, especially the little runs at the start. Imagine Losing my religion a la Al Jolson.

My favourite guitar, both our ukes and some of our percussion. Jen where is my glockenspiel?

It seems my glockenspiel is missing mmmm, I think that Jen may have got a little tired of my hammering on it. Perhaps she threw it overboard somewhere between Sydney and Port Stephens. Anyway thats a quick update for today.

Still working on "Death of the Oldsmobile" but I think it will have some "adult themes" in it, and now I know that sister "bub" is reading my blog to mum I'm a little hesitant to continue!



  1. Nice ukes bub. You'll have to get a mandolin next

  2. I've been looking at them, but to get a mandolin, I might have to get a job. Noooooooo!!!!!

  3. Sounds like fun... you'll have to post a recording of Losing My Religion... just can't imagine it Al Jolson style on the uke

  4. Hi Pat, please don't encourage him. Jen